Without your data, what do you do?

Imagine all your data obliterated.  In what state would that leave your company?  No financial records, no customer records, nothing.  Doing regular, adequate backups can easily prevent all this.

Traditional backups are also a way of preventing data loss.  They usually include doing the backup on either a CD, DVD, flash drive or an external drive.  They are, however, not effective enough anymore.

Why traditional backups are inadequate:

CDs and DVDs are extremely easily damaged.  They get scratches which could prevent you from getting some, or all, of your data back.  CDs and DVDs also take a lot of time and effort to backup, since your files need to be checked after the backup is complete, because of the unreliability of CD/DVD writers.

Flash drives on the other hand is a better option than a CD or DVD.  They do not easily lose data, the data does not have to be checked and doesn’t take long to copy.  The problems with flash drives are simply that the get lost too easily and should your computer crash while the flash drive is inserted, the flash drive may crash as well and all your data may be lost.  Flash drives also have a very limited amount of storage.

The best option of all the traditional backup methods would be the external hard drive.  Externals offer a huge amount of storage.  The data also doesn’t need to be checked and the backup will also be much faster than with a CD or DVD.  The problems with externals are simply that they break fairly easily.  If one is dropped you can be sure that you won’t get the data back.  They also crash very easily.

Traditional backups just don’t cut it anymore.  That’s why we have Backup 360.